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The power of good communication

Good communication is priceless and comes when multiple modalities are working together to generate one feeling. In this post, I will reference the ideas of the 3V communication system, a hybrid model developed and researched to explain how good communication works.

Effective communication does not just occur when a message is sent and delivered. Rather, effective communication is the phenomenon that's achieved when a person's intended message is delivered by the receiver, and interpreted as it was intended to be interpreted- by the sender. The result of the communication (when it's good) is a general sense of positivity. A "good vibe" is a established and there is no mis-communication on either end. Good communication leads to more than just the extent of the situation. It can lead to healthy relationships at work and in your personal life. It leads to the prospering of business relationships, increased productivity and profitability.

Good communication saves you time from having to explain yourself later. It fosters great first impressions (which we all know are everything!), and helps builds trust. The advantage of good communication is golden, and it does not just happen through the words we use.

Communication is just as much verbal, as it is vocal and visual. What I mean by that is that it's just as much your words, as it is your tone, inflection and body language that sets the vibe. Most people don't think about these aspects of communication, until there is a break down and you are stuck asking yourself, "What went wrong?"

When communicating in the professional world always follow my 3P Golden Rule; Be Polite, Positive, and Professional. This will save you much frustration over time and lead to long term success in relationships.

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