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Why I started my coaching business

The best ideas are always created when a gap exists between what's out there and what people need more of. I always believed that my true destiny was still out there in the world, waiting for me to come around and find it, but it wasn't going anywhere until I was ready to make it happen. You know because life is all about that one thing we call; timing. In any event, I started this business for all those reasons and more. The back story, in a simple way, has to do with the major life change I made when I moved my life to Montreal to marry my counterpart, who happened to be waiting for his counterpart-- all the way in Canada ;)

Moving was just one piece of the puzzle when it came to this business. I started my career back in Chicago as a Speech Pathologist working with adults in healthcare. What I liked about adults was how I could connect with them on a personal level. These were people with real lives who had lived a much longer time than me. They were business people, doctors, teachers and survivors of war that had all these life experiences to teach me. What I found the most exciting about my job was that I could help people all while being myself; a curious girl eager to explore the world and hungry for knowledge. The skill set I gained when working with this population was more than just about being a Speech Pathologist. I learned to respect every client individually and equally, and realized that each one of them had something invaluable to offer me that I would not otherwise have. I realized that helping them was just my small way of letting the world help me.

When I tell you that the best part of my job was being able to help people and connect, I am not just lying or making it up to make this whole "accent biz" sound genuine. When my life transferred over to Montreal, I became lost in ways I never experienced. I no longer spoke the first language in the province, and no longer had my cozy little job where I'd go to work, make a difference, and feel good about my contribution to society. I learned quickly that it was going to be difficult to re-instate my license in Quebec as a Speech Pathologist, and couldn't fathom having to jump through all those hurdles again while adjusting to a whole new life and surroundings. On the flip side, I was lost without my profession and my credentials beneath me that let me feel like I could do something meaningful in this world.

Accent coaching came into my mind a long time ago before I had even moved to Montreal. I was interested in this aspect of my field through the research I had done and by the prospect of venturing out of my area one day. I became certified in the proven Compton Method of Accent Modification, July of 2016, with the intention of exploring this field more intricately in the future. Accent coaching continued to linger in my mind, but it took me a while longer to really feel the need for this business. When I was working with my french tutor one day in Montreal, he complimented my pronunciation and I mentioned to him the idea I had for my business. See, as I was learning how to speak French, I was also diligently trying to notice the sounds he was producing in order to sound clear, and what a task that was. I mentioned to my tutor the idea I had for my business and we had a long conversation about the needs of this kind of work.

Soon after the start of this calendar year, I was doing online research about the coaching world, and came across a lot of concerns. For as many life, health, mind and fitness coaches there are; there are very few coaches specializing in communication skills. My idea strengthened even further when I realized how many people in Montreal were somebody, or knew somebody that would like to improve their accent when speaking English. With many people raving about the importance of speech and communication skills for getting ahead in business, improving confidence in their work life and in front of others, I couldn't help but naturally feel that this had to be my contribution to this new city of mine.

The passion I have to help others improve their speech and communication skills goes far beyond the idea of accent coaching, and has everything to do with who I am and how I want to make an impression in this world. I hope to help others along their path in whatever it is they are doing by improving their confidence and allowing their competencies to shine far beyond the face of an accent or mispronounced word. Of course in return, I'll gain the pleasure and experience of working with determined people, diverse and dynamic, changing the world in other cool and exciting ways.

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