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"Colleagues saw a big improvement in my language and understand me better than before. It used to be difficult for me to share my ideas in English, but now it is really easier and more fun!
I am so happy and grateful to have had the chance to of participated in this program, and I am 100% sure it will help me as I grow in my career.
Thanks Erica!"

Emilie Roy,

Visual Presentation Manager 

Laura Canada

"Erica has a professional attitude, I did not feel judged, and very important for me she understands our busy life and adjusts the schedule in consequence. She was available at all times, all throughout the process to provide me with information or advise, so that I could improve faster."

Sylvain Brousseau,

District Manager and Regional Recruiter

Laura Canada 

"These coaching sessions helped me improve my confidence when speaking English. Not only because of the help I received to correct my pronunciation, but also because of the lots of other strategies that I learned from my coach in order to reduce the number of filler words that were part of my speech (that I was not realizing or aware of) and were causing people to become distracted when I spoke."

Edith Beaupre,

VP of Finance and Logistics​

"Erica offered great help with my pronunciation. She managed to give me the proper tools and training for me to improve parts of my speech that needed correction and gave a definite boost in my self-esteem and confidence."

Vasilis Dandelis, 


I cannot tell you the smile and the confidence that is exuding from her!

It makes me so happy that she is so confident! I see the difference, and it’s rewarding for me that we can offer it to some our brightest stars.

Her articulation is better, she is phrasing her sentences better, generally communicating her thoughts in a  more fluent matter. This has been an incredible experience for her. And she said she has an excellent teacher, that is you.

So this is what you are creating as well.

 A more confident, happy, and excellent employee.

I think taking this time to invest and grow her confidence, is a great investment and value for not only the person, but for the company as well.

Graziella De Maria,

Domestic Production Manager at Laura Canada

(E-mail from a Manager)

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